Balloon Garlands

Organic balloon garlands are created with balloons ranging from 5 to 36".

Depending on your color scheme, thickness, and style, these decorations are always priced per foot.

Sizes up to ten feet are available for free pickup from our studio. Larger garlands will require a custom installation.

Available add-ons ( Extra Charge )

LED lights

Tropical leaves




Foil shapes


Starting at $25 per foot

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Classic Balloon Archways

Classic balloon archways are created with balloons all blown up to the same size.

Pick from three eye-catching designs: color mix, swirl, or monotone. Each offers a distinctive look that goes with the concept of your event.

An 8x8 space would be covered by a standard size of 20 linear feet.

Our traditional balloon archways, which give a chic and joyous ambiance to corporate gatherings, have grown very popular.

Starting at $18 per foot

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